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  • Does the appraisal cost and why?
    Yes, the assessment costs $25,000 which entitles you to a *FREE* cleaning (as soon as you start the treatment) and will also be deducted from the total value of the treatment. IMPORTANT: If you have an x-ray no older than 3 months you must bring it, if you do not have it we will take it for you and it will cost $35,000. We charge for the assessment because it is a professional consultation, to get to know the patient, evaluate their case, identify pathologies, establish a diagnosis and propose a treatment plan. This takes time, expenditure of supplies, and the knowledge of a professional.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    To schedule an appointment you just have to click on the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT< button. /strong> which is at the top to your right and follow the following steps: Choose the location where you wish to be treated. Fill out the form with the requested information. Ready! Now you just have to wait for the confirmation that we will give you through WhatsApp.
  • Is x-ray mandatory?
    In the case of completely toothless people, an x-ray is not necessary, however, for all other dental procedures it is mandatory to have an x-ray no older than three months. If you don't have it, we will take it for you and it will cost $35,000.
  • Is it necessary to make an appointment?
    It is not necessary, however, when making an appointment, the team of dentists and specialists are scheduled to review the care at your request, this way the care will be much faster.
  • Where they are located?
    We are located in Colombia, in the cities of Cali and Bogotá 🏥 These are our headquarters: 1. Cali SUR: Cr 44 # 5A-66, Neighborhood: Tequendama 2. Cali NORTH: Av 3N # 44N-63, Neighborhood: Vipasa 3. Bogotá SUBA: Calle 128b # 58b-13, Neighborhood: Las Villas
  • What is the cost of my treatment?
    Dental treatments are procedures subject to prior assessment, the price depends on the complexity of the clinical case and the material in which you want it, it is not a general rate, each case has a different cost.
  • Can you pay in installments?
    If you can pay for your treatment in installments and without interest, get more information here.
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